Melict Trader — cloud crypto service to make money on trading

Melict Trader is a cloud service which allows you to trade semiautomatically or fully automatically using signals from the leading financial-cryptocurrency-analysts.

Melict Trader

Using strategies of the leading financial-cryptocurrency-analysts in automode! You subscribe on Telegram signals, and Melict Trader will make a purchase, set targets, and sell coins automatically with stop loss if needed.
Possibility to set Stop Loss and Take Profit simultaniusly. For example, you can choose the option "buy when reach a certain price" by setting stop loss and targets stepwise.
Possibility to set the mid price for specific altcoins - the service will buy and sell coins around the center of the price fluctuation.
Possibility to transfer altcoins to bitcoins with one click in the event of bitcoin market drops.
Monitoring profit of each altcoins in relation to bitcoin.

Clients feedback

Saves much time
I do trading professionally. There is a very handy option which allows you to make an order by pressing one button, and the service will calculate take profits and stop loss based on a situation without blocking the deposit. It saves much time, and there's no need in constant monitoring of the situation.
The best product on the market
I want to thank the developers. It's definitely the best product I've ever found! It's so convenient, easy to set up for non-professionals, and the amount of money in my account is increasing. It's particulary interesting to watch the service's work from the orders page on the exchange - to see how the orders are placed/cancelled.
That's incredible!
That's incredible! I went on vacation by the sea, and when I came back, Melict trader had made 2.5 (150% !!!! ) bitcoins out of 1 bitcoin for 14 days using trading with signals.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Does the service have an access to fund withdrawals?
When setting API from your exchange, don't forget to set the withdrawal banning option. Service functions include only an option to place orders to buy and sell in your exchange account. API access does not allow to deposit or withdraw funds. So if by any reason an intruder has an access to your account it will cause no harm. After such an incident, simply release a new API key on the exchange.
Can the сервис do arbitrage between exchanges?
It does not have such a possibility, because there is no option of transferring between wallets. The option will not be implemented due to unsafety of such transfers via API.
And what if the service makes a purchase and then does dumping at a loss?
Dumping protection is implemented within Melict trader. If an order does not get a chance and misses a price, the service will replace orders faster than any human before full asset sale. That means orders will not get stuck, and if the market drops there is no chance to be in the red. The service always tries to sell with profit.
What shall I do if there is no channel with paid signals in the list?
Please email to the name of the channel you are interested in. We will contact the channel owners, and if the collaboration is successful we will connect this channel with the service.
What do I need to start using channels with paid signals?
You need to subscribe to the channels via their owners. We collaborate officially with each source of signals and choose only those which work effectively and have in-house analysts. To get a 50% discount for any paid channel from our list, buy a Melict trader subscription, send your request with your name in Telegram to We will send you information on how to get the discount.

Subscription price

We set an incredibly low price for a product of this class. It can help you to quickly double or triple your capital in a month.
0.04 btc/month
1 month
0.03 btc/month(0.09 btc)
3 months
0.025 btc/month(0.15 btc)
6 months
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